Training Classes at MetalTech-USA University

Metal roofing is in high demand. If you’re a contractor, installer or roofer and you’re not getting a piece of the industry, you’re missing out on huge profits. That’s one reason why we created our MetalTech-USA Training curriculum. Contractors who complete these classes will be able to quickly, efficiently and properly install architectural metal systems made from zinc, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals.

The benefits of our training course do end at the last class, however. Once you have completed MetalTech Training, your name will go into a database of qualified contractors and you become a MetalTech partner. As bids come our way for metal construction projects, we will refer our customers to you as an approved systems installer.

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MetalTech 101

This class teaches the principles of working with different types of metal. It’s for installers who have not yet worked with sheet metal or need to learn proper techniques. This class covers the appropriate use of equipment and hand tools. It also covers basic bending and folding techniques along with basic soldering. It’s a perfect class for the person who wants to start a career in this field or for the person who just would like to learn a little more.

This is generally a 2-day class and lunch will be provided.
Tuition: $500

MetalTech Wall Cladding

Our intermediate wall cladding class covers all the different types of wall cladding systems – for example, flat lock wall panels, interlocking wall panels, rhomboid wall panels and diamond wall shingles. It also covers most of the details involved in corners, windows and parapets. A PowerPoint presentation is included to cover the principles in wall cladding.

This is a 2-day class and lunch is provided.
Tuition: $500

MetalTech Roofing

This intermediate roofing class is for installers who want to learn all about the different systems and different techniques used to install a high-quality metal roof. A PowerPoint presentation teaches all the principles involved in installing an architectural roof system. The class will also cover such various topics as hip, ridge, eave, head flashing, panel layout, seaming, corners, penetrations, skylight flashing and soldering.

This is a 3-day class and lunch is provided.
Tuition: $600

Advanced MetalTech Training

This is the most advanced class we have to offer. It’s for installers who have worked with sheet metal for many years but want to learn some new techniques and freshen up their talent. This class offers comprehensive coverage of details used in Europe for flashing roof penetrations. We will also cover both roof and wall applications and interior applications. Participants will also enjoy a demonstration of the various roll forming machines used to form complex systems, like concave and convex panel curving, tapered panel cutting and curving, metal stretching, CNC programming and more.

This is a 3-day class and lunch is provided.
Tuition: $700