Zinc Honey Comb Panel

Main features

ZCM (Zinc Composite Material) is a multi-layered material comprised of the natural and eco-friendly material, titanium zinc. The unique manufacturing process bonds a polyethylene (PE) or mineral filled Fire Retardant (FR) extruded core between architectural grade titanium zinc.  ZCM is ideal for both new construction and renovations from historic to contemporary.

An ideal architectural solution for wall cladding.

The Larcore® & elZinc® honeycomb panel, manufactured in a continuous production process, is a new generation material, and represents the perfect integration of technology, safety, durability and natural beauty.

Larcore® & elZinc® A2 fire rated panels are formed by two elZinc® skins bonded to both faces of an aluminium honeycomb core,  making an extremely light, yet exceedingly flat and ridged architectural cladding material.

The ample range of combinations and colours available enables the use of elZinc to create innovative designs both in new-build and in refurbishment projects.

A bespoke supporting system – HideTech® PLUS -, the world’s first perimeter point-fixing system for architectural panels, takes advantage of the excellent rigidity of Larcore® & elZinc® panels.

Very easy to install, it also allows:

  • Cost and weight reduction
  • Easy panel replacement (no need to touch surrounding panels)
  • Vertical and horizontal installation orientation
  • Free but controlled thermal expansion and contraction
  • Fully adjustable fixing points in three directions
  • Total security

Main advantages

  • Extreme rigidity and absolute flatness
  • Very lightweight
  • Non-flammable: Fire classification A2
  • Fully recyclable
  • Wide range of attractive finishes

Main applications

  • Ideal for new-build
  • Great for refurbishment projects


  • Minimum/maximum length: 2.000 / 8.000 mm
  • Standard width: 1.000 mm
  • Total thickness: 15 mm
  • Internal skin thickness: 0,5 mm
  • External skin thickness: 0,5 mm
  • Panel weight: 8,6 kg/m2


Larcore & elZinc Datasheet