Soft Zinc

Soft Zinc:

Soft zinc is the best option for creating connections to chimneys, roof dormers, and walls with hard roofing. Why? Because these project elements require a flexible and malleable material, and Soft Zinc fits both of these requirements. Connections using Soft Zinc are not only aesthetically pleasing, but easy to fold and soft to solder. This green, eco-friendly material is 100% recyclable and available in ready-to-use smooth sheets and pleated cuts.

When you want to create easy connections to chimneys, roof dormers, and walls, Soft Zinc provides the flexibility and malleability you need for faster installation. Part of our EcoChoice™ family of products, Soft Zinc is an environmentally friendly product that’s 100% recyclable with no toxic runoff.

MetalTech-USA offers 24″ master coils of any length you need, and we have pup coils in 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and flat sheets as well.  Custom widths are available upon request.  We also have full pleated head-wall and flashing, as well as pre-manufactured soft zinc accessories.