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Our Business Philosophy

MetalTech-USA is the nations premiere distributor and fabricator of coil, sheet and finished architectural metals products. Working with our affiliates, we are promoting the use of sustainable metal products in the building. We envision that home and commercial construction will be committed to using only durable and reusable products. MetalTech-USA can help your commitment be successful as durability, reusability, and sustainability is our area of expertise.

We work with companies like elZinc America, Lorin Industries, and Hussey Copper to provide the highest quality architectural products in natural metals. While zinc has been used extensively in Europe for hundreds of years, it is a relatively new building metal in North America. Copper, on the other hand, has been a staple of roofing and cladding systems since the birth of the nation.

We focus at the start of the construction process by establishing relationships with architects. Not only do we seek to educate architects on the value and efficacy of metals in architectural applications, but also on the unlimited applications made possible by our production facilities. We work with architects to explain metal manufacturing technologies and how they make the quick and durable construction of architectural features possible. In addition, our CAD design capabilities enable architects to turn their ideas into reality.

Our Mission

MetalTech-USA excels to be the No. 1 specialty fabricator and distributor of architectural systems and high-end metals while striving to help make our customer’s vision become a sustainable reality through superior service, quality, and performance.

In our efforts to being a customer-driven organization and provide exceptional services to our customers, MetalTech-USA routinely revisits and develops the best practices and processes aimed at providing the ultimate customer experience.

Our commitment to excellence is showcased in all we do. From building systems and accessories to tools, we will provide the best solutions for the building and design community.

Why Metal Tech?

We got the tools

The most modern machinery and technology in architectural metals industry.

Certified Experience

You can be confident knowing that we’ve received third party approval to hold a quality assurance program licensee and we’re a Keystone Certified Manufacturer.

Competitive Pricing

As fabricators and providers, we offer far the best prices for our products and services.

More Than 15 Years of Experience

MetalTech-USA can help your commitment be successful as durability, reusability, and sustainability is our area of expertise.

Great Support

MetalTech-USA routinely revisits and develops the best practices and processes aimed at providing the ultimate customer experience.


Metal Tech-USA is a member of the US Green Building Council since 2007. Together, we’re promoting the use of sustainable building practices.

Metal Tech USA Affiliates



elZinc is the third largest producer of rolled zinc worldwide. elZinc is the commercial trade name of Asturiana de Laminados located in Asturias, Spain.  elZinc® is a recommended supplier in the traditional zinc markets of France and Germany. As a company, elZinc® prides itself in their policy of quality, respect for the environment and their continuous research, development, and innovation. Together with the use of the best technologies available in the market, elZinc® offers products which more than comply with the quality requirements outlined in the EN988 standard.

MetalTech-USA is a leading distributor of elZinc America products in the southeast and nationwide. Our direct relationship with elZinc allows us to bring you the latest in zinc architectural products and metals.


Terreal North America

Terreal North America designs and manufactures terra cotta wall claddings, sunscreens and roof tiles.  Terreal North America is a subsidiary of Ludowici Roof Tile, both based in New Lexington, Ohio.  As part of a family of terra cotta companies, Terreal’s products are engineered and manufactured in facilities with over 300 years of terra cotta production experience.   With 26 factories worldwide, Terreal’s automated processes and large production capacities allow for affordable terracotta product solutions.  MetalTech-USA supports Terreal North America as our material integrates well with Terreal cladding.



Bonar is a subsidiary of Low & Bonar, a multinational group of producers and suppliers of performance technical textiles operating worldwide. Bonar is a leading producer and supplier of nonwovens and synthetic woven fabrics, three-dimensional polymeric mats and composites to a broad range of end markets including civil engineering, interior, transportation, agriculture, building and industrial applications.  As of January 1, 2013. the merger of Colbond and Bonar Technical Fabrics completed and resulted in the global company Bonar.  MetalTech-USA carries a variety of Bonar/ Colbond Enkamat products.


Hussey Copper

Hussey Copper is one of America’s oldest manufacturers. Many of America’s metal roofs and flashing are made from American made Hussey Copper. Today, Hussey is known for the quality of copper products, from raw sheet and coil.

We carry a complete section of Hussey copper sheet and coil and also have Lead Coating available. Hussey Copper is high quality copper conforming to ASTM B370 specifications, but competitively priced for contractors and builders.


Heyco Metals

Founded in 1969 and privately-owned, Heyco Metals, Inc. has over four decades of manufacturing expertise in copper and copper alloy strip.  They pioneered the use of real-time 100% surface inspection to ensure pristine surface quality.  They have recently expanded our process capability into stainless steel alloys and also offer an innovative clad metal system under the trade name CopperPlus™.  We carry a complete offering of CopperPlus™ sheet and coil.



Henry® Company is a leading innovator of Building Envelope Systems® and understands the principles of integrating air/vapor barrier, roofing, and waterproofing systems to ensure superior building performance.  Henry professionals offer designers, contractors, and building owners a combination of technical experience and a commitment to provide quality products. For more than 75 years, Henry has been the trusted source for complete Building Solutions.

MetalTech-USA offers Henry Blueskin VP as a fully-adhered system that not only functions as a water-resistant barrier and rain barrier but also stops uncontrolled air leakage.


SFS Intec

SFS intec is a global supply partner, manufacturer and supplier of precision cold formed components, special fasteners and mechanical fastening systems. SFS products are manufactured internationally and supported by a comprehensive supply chain management system to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe in creating customer benefit through innovation, quality and the strength of our employees.  MetalTech-USA offers a complete supply of SFS Intec products such as fasteners, clips, screws, and more.


Keystone Certifications, Inc.

Keystone provides world-class third-party inspection and certification for the Building Envelope Industries. You can be confident knowing that we’ve received approval to hold a Quality Assurance Program Licensee and we’re a Keystone Certified Manufacturer.


US Green Building Council

Metal Tech-USA is a member of the US Green Building Council. Together, we’re promoting the use of sustainable building practices.