Owensboro-Daviess Convention Center, a multi-purpose facility, brings Western Kentucky a new and premier meeting space in Owensboro, Daviess County. Completed in early 2014, the Convention Center project utilized an exterior anodized aluminum panel rainscreen system engineered and fabricated by MetalTech-USA with Class I anodized aluminum finish from Lorin Industries.

Situated on the banks of the Ohio River, the new convention center rises three stories and spans 177,000 sq. ft. This spacious facility meets all the typical functionality requirements of contemporary convention centers notably 40,000 sf of exhibition space, nearly 30,000 sf of meeting space and extensive public lobbies, as well as service and support facilities. Most importantly it will also serve as a significant economic development tool and an architectural centerpiece of the downtown master redevelopment plan.

“Lorin Industries is proud to have played a role in the project collaboration involving the design of the Owensboro, Kentucky Convention Center,” says Steven Soderberg, Corporate Marketing and Sales Manager of Lorin Industries. “This project was conceived by the design team and architects at Trahan Architects and through the collaboration of Trahan Architects, Lorin Industries, MetalTech-USA and F.L Crane, the results were absolutely stunning.”

Early 1800s tobacco barns found throughout the Kentucky region inspired Trahan’s design on the building’s exterior. To achieve this look, Trahan juxtaposed MetalTech-USA’s reveal panel system with Lorin Industries BlackMatt ColorIn® Long Line Brushed finish on the building’s exterior with ClearMatt® Long Line Brushed finish on the soffits and inward facing exterior walls. This combination created the dramatic effect they wanted to accomplish.



MetalTech-USA is proud to announce their new partnership with elZinc, the third largest producer of rolled zinc worldwide.
elZinc is the commercial trade name of Asturiana de Laminados, located in Asturias, Spain. This budding partnership will allow MetalTech to become a leading distributor of elZinc products nationwide bringing their customers the latest in zinc coil, sheet, and finished architectural products.

“A significant advantage of partnering with elZinc is the availability of color options and the agility of their mill to consistently develop their product range to keep pace with a market that’s always in flux,” says Nils Simonsen, President of MetalTech-USA. “elZinc is a privately held company that’s nimble enough to assist in creating a change in our market but large enough with the resources in advanced technology to grow our market.”

As a company, elZinc prides itself in their policy of quality, respect for the environment and their continuous research, development, and innovation. Together with the use of the best technologies available in the market, elZinc offers products which more than comply with quality requirements outlined in the EN988 standard as well as ASTM B69-13, the standard specification for rolled zinc. With over 98% of elZinc sales already stemming from international markets, there is untapped potential to be captured in the Americas.
“[Our goal for elZinc is to] position ourselves, in the next 3 to 5 years as the number one architectural zinc company in the USA and in Latin America,” says Macario Fernandez Fernandez, elZinc President.
Whether natural or pre-weathered, zinc is a material highly valued by architects and professional roofers. It allows great freedom in terms of aesthetics and architecture and is perfectly suitable for all types of construction both in classical and modern architecture.


An old church dome in Orange, Texas returned to its former glory and got new life as The Center of Stark Cultural Venues, thanks in part to MetalTech-USA, a premier distributor and specialty fabricator of eco-friendly architectural metals.

Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation, a private operating foundation to encourage and assist education and to improve and enrich the quality of life in Southeast Texas, purchased the old church to be the central location of all Stark Cultural Venues, in May 2013.

The historic dome became an Orange landmark when erected in 1914 as the worship center for First Baptist Church, originally constructed as a brick building with a 35-foot dome comprised of wooden shingles. Over the past 100 years, the dome underwent several renovations to prevent corrosion and aid in waterproofing but these efforts did not permanently address the issues.

“In the 1960’s the dome was clad with metal,” said Gus Harris, Chief Properties Officer of Stark Foundation. “This served the church well but eventually began to leak, primarily due to inappropriate flashing and caulking near the bottom.”

The aluminum clad dome suffered major damage to the exterior over time from several severe storms and hurricanes including Hurricane Rita in2005 and Ike in2008, thus, causing it to leak and creating water damage to the interior. The plans to renovate were to render the structure watertight as well as changing the existing appearance of the dome to resemble the original 1914 design.



MetalTech-USA, a premier distributor and fabricator of architectural metal products and systems, announces the addition of Don Nygard to the team of independent outside sales representatives.

Nygard joins MetalTech from Metal eXperts, Inc., a company he started in late 2001 serving the western mountain region. As a representative for MetalTech, Nygard will be covering all of the Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico territories.

A graduate of the University of North Dakota, Nygard has more than 30 years of experience in the metal panel business and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in this arena. Before starting his own company, Nygard held top sales and management positions in a number of the industry’s prominent manufacturing companies, such as H.H. Robertson, a Fortune 500 company. As a representative for MetalTech-USA, Don Nygard will draw on his expertise in roofing and wall systems to familiarize his local design community with MetalTech’s unique capabilities and strengths.



Jackson Laboratory - Zinc FacadeFarmington, Connecticut is stepping into the future of medical research with the newly completed Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. The project is part of the state’s Bioscience Connecticut Initiative meant to jump-start local research and development. Identified as the catalyst to kick-start this initiative, Jax Genomic Medicine has settled into a 16-acre parcel of land adjacent to the University of Connecticut campus, strategically located near some of the country’s top educational institutions and medical facilities. The four-story, 183,500 square-foot medical research facility features 17 “wet” biology labs and 17 “dry,” computer-based labs clustered for collaborative purposes with additional faculty offices, employee amenities, and vast spaces for large group gatherings.

Jackson Laboratory – Zinc Facade
Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT, RHEINZINK prePatina Blue Gray Zinc, Flatlock Facade Panels, photo by Robert Benson photography
Design of this sophisticated research facility was tasked to the team at Centerbrook Architects & Planners in concert with Tsoi Kobus & Associates out of Centerbrook, Connecticut and Cambridge, Massachusetts, respectively. The intention was two-fold, first to design a striking facility and second, to conserve funds for science while remaining sophisticated enough to draw internationally renowned scientists. For the façade of this facility, MetalTech-USA Zinc Panels were a perfect fit.

The building consists of a structural steel frame faced with Canadian limestone, glass, and 14,000 square feet of Zinc 1.0 mm prePatina Gray Zinc panels fabricated by MetalTech-USA. Centerbrook architect Andrew Santaniello cites aesthetics and longevity as being behind the choice of the exterior zinc cladding. Santaniello attests, “The zinc ages well and becomes more beautiful as the building ages. It also was a cost-effective option for metal cladding used on the project.” The Blue Gray hue of the zinc was another critical factor in its specification as Centerbrook favored a varied palette of materials and finishes that would complement each other. “The limestone has blue veining that the Blue Gray of the zinc was able to pick up on,” Santaniello adds. “It also subtly blended with the champagne and pewter colors of the aluminum curtain wall frame.”

The contours of the site provided significant design challenges and influenced the design’s shape to conform to a graceful arc while also allowing room for potential expansion as the lab continues to grow. The connecting joint of the existing facility and the prospective wing is a distinctive oval structure visually wrapping inside, providing continuity and blurring the boundary between inside and out. “Transparency was a big factor in the design of the building, and using the zinc on the interior again helps to create that continuity,” says Steve Palumbo of Tsoi Kobus & Associates.



MetalTech-USA, a premier distributor and specialty fabricator of eco-friendly architectural metals, is proud to announce a partnership with Autodesk Seek in developing Revit models. These BIM files, developed in Autodesk Revit, contain both visual and numerical descriptions of their physical counterparts for use as digital elements in building simulations. Autodesk Seek is in the final stages of creating digital models for MetalTech-USA. Users will soon be able to download MetalTech’s adaptive roofing and façade components and correspondingly select the desired MetalTech-USA EcoChoice™ material. Metal finishing capabilities such as standard Prisma™ patterns and customizable PixArt™ functionality will also be showcased for design inspiration.

MetalTech-USA Prisma pattern applied to Square Diamond Flatlock Panels.
The utilization of BIM allows AEC (Architects, Engineers, and Construction) professionals to develop drawings that contain property information about every component within the building. This innovative capability can significantly reduce costs by permitting the user to make and assess design choices in the initial phases of the design process. In the same way that CAD drawings simplified and expedited the design process, BIM is the next evolution. Seek offers intuitive product search capabilities directly within Revit for simple integration of MetalTech-USA’s products into the user’s project.



MetalTech-USA, the nation’s premier distributor of sheet, coil, and finished architectural metal systems is literally broadening its horizons while aiming to quickly become the pre-eminent provider in the Latin American market. With LEED and Green Building projects on the rise, President Nils Simonsen has identified interesting business opportunities for MetalTech-USA south of the border. Simonsen cites, “the market development for LEED and other green building initiatives in Latin America is still coming forth and we hope to get in on the ground floor. By utilizing our EcoChoice™ materials and efficient cladding systems, we seek to introduce the sustainability component of our growing value proposition to our current and future customers in Latin America.”

This exciting new undertaking will be facilitated by the newest addition to the MetalTech-USA team, Miss Andrea Ramirez Leon, in the position of In-house Legal Counsel. Miss Ramirez Leon holds dual degrees in law from Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and Emory University School of Law in Atlanta allowing her to practice in both the United States and Mexico. She will work alongside MetalTech-USA’s growing sales team in expanding the business and positioning the company as the preferred specialty fabricator of architectural systems for high-end metals in the Latin American market. Working closely with architects and specifiers, Miss Ramirez Leon will acquaint them with the latest useful information regarding architectural metals and systems, providing additional tools and ideas to incorporate into their creative work.

Miss Ramirez Leon noted, relative to her new appointment, “I appreciate and welcome the opportunity to combine and apply my years of experience working as a business attorney in Mexico with my more recently acquired academic credentials in US law. MetalTech-USA’s success in the Latin American market, will undoubtedly translate in enriching my career and I’m excited to face the day to day challenges of working in this dynamic, emerging market.” Miss Ramirez Leon’s diverse professional experience, in conjunction with her multicultural background and proficiency in different languages such as English, Spanish, and Portuguese, will enable her to be the perfect liaison between MetalTech-USA and our new Latin American clients. “By acting as a bridge to facilitate the communication between our customers in Latin America and MetalTech-USA, my hope is that in addition to loving our products, our clients feel 100% satisfied with our customer service because we not only speak their professional language but also their native one.”

MetalTech-USA welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with future customers to develop an enduring and achievable vision for green building in Latin America.

Bienvenida Andrea!

MetalTech-USA is a premier distributor and specialty fabricator of eco-friendly architectural metals that specializes in roofing, rainwater, soffit and cladding systems. For more information, visit www.metaltech-usa.com, or call 770-486-8825.


The Poarch Band of Creek Indians has expanded their gaming empire with the addition of the Wind Creek Wetumpka Casino, Alabama’s newest and largest. Completed in December of 2013, this $250 million gaming casino features an 85,000 square foot gaming floor with 2,500 games and an attached 20 story luxury hotel to capitalize on the spectacular views of the nearby Coosa River. MetalTech-USA Flatlock panels were chosen to clad much of the façade of this remarkable facility augmenting the diverse, natural material palette.

As part of a multi-phase development plan, improvements included an expansion to the parking garage structure, a 2,500 position casino, lobby rotunda, food and beverage amenities, and a new entry porte-cochere to support the new casino experience. The on-site positioning of the casino was designed to allow room for further expansion while also “maintain a respectful relationship with the nearby historical archaeological area,” cites Wind Creek Wetumpka Property Manager Cody Williamson. The intended design of the Wind Creek expansion is meant to reflect the concept “shaped through time” via “the prominence of wind, water, and nature in tribal culture,” as well as the significance of the “ribbon dance” as it relates to tribal heritage according to Wind Creek. Wind Creek had these concepts incorporated in the design stating that “the building forms evoke the sense of movement and curve gently, echoing the organic flow of the river below” and the “two distinct volumes that individually represent the flow of wind and water across the site.”



Residents of Denver’s prestigious Wash Park will be welcoming new neighbors to their ‘hood, compliments of the newly completed My Block Washington Park apartments on the south side of Speer Boulevard along Washington. The contemporary feel of this scrape-off, typical in a historic area experiencing revitalization, blends seamlessly among vintage edifices and modern duplexes. My Block, located on the outskirts of the neighborhood named for its expansive urban oasis, rises five stories above the tree-lined streets with 107, one and two bedroom units.



MetalTech-USA Clads One of the Nation’s Top Pediatric Hospitals in 13,000 square feet of Stainless Steel Flatlock

Children’s Hospital Colorado, recognized as one of the leading pediatric facilities in the nation, has expanded onward and southward to the burgeoning southern communities of Denver. The close of 2013 welcomed the opening of Children’s Hospital Colorado South Campus in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This satellite campus includes urgent and ambulatory care and outpatient and inpatient beds. At four stories and 182,000 square feet, Children’s South was designed with the future capacity to expand as it’s already expected to host nearly 80,000 patients during its first year.

FKP Architects was charged with the task of creating an expansion reminiscent of the hub in Aurora while also imbuing a vibrancy befitting Children’s Hospital Colorado. In the design phase, project designers Paul Asteris and Michael Shirley of FKP met with senior leaders at Children’s to delineate “guiding principles.” One such principle was to extend the Children’s “brand” as defined by their values and the components of their existing facilities in which they identify. Several materials were identified as part of their brand for the façade design. The stainless steel panel system was one of the materials and how FKP envisioned it as part of the Children’s brand. “Although we tried to accomplish a building that was new and fun for the kids, we also needed a link to all the Children’s facilities,” explained Asteris. The main campus in Aurora has stainless steel panels; however, for this offshoot, FKP desired material exuding a little more vibrancy. Zinc and aluminum panels with an iridescent coating were considered, but after receiving stainless steel samples from MetalTech-USA with more “sparkle” than previously reviewed, FKP settled on stainless steel to adhere to the guiding principles as well as control costs. MetalTech-USA was chosen to fabricate the wall system, cladding the façade with 13,000 square feet of 22 gauge, #4 Polish Stainless Steel Flatlock Panels.