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GRAMMY Award-winning artist Zac Brown envisioned a facility to serve children ages 7-17 with an emphasis on those with special needs, learning and attention issues, social or emotional challenges, and those with family members serving in the military. Camp Southern Ground in Georgia encompasses nutrition, nature, music, arts, and leadership to help kids achieve excellence in all facets of their lives. We are proud to play a part in such a rewarding project.

Product: Flatlock wall panels
Material: elZinc Slate
Architect: Perkins + Will

MetalTech-USA, the nation’s premier specialty fabricator and distributor of Architectural systems and high-end metals in the USA is launching its new website:

With this digital platform, MetalTech-USA will provide the resources that architects, designers and builders need to facilitate the process of specifying their projects. In addition, the new website has a wide gallery of images with some of the most impressive projects designed by recognized architects around the world, with the use of materials in Architectural Metal such as zinc, aluminum, steel, etc. We invite you to visit the website at

Latin American Representative

The Equal Justice Initiative is building a national memorial to victims of lynching in Montgomery, Alabama, which is expected to open in 2018. This memorial project relating to America’s history of racial terror and lynching will become the most ambitious in the nation on this topic. A classical structure was designed for the memorial, consisting of 805 columns – one for each county where EJI documented racial terror lynchings. When visitors enter the memorial, the ground drops and perception shifts as visitors realize that the columns that appeared to be holding up the structure are actually monuments suspended from above, which evoke the lynchings that took place in the public square. Over 4,000 names of lynching victims will be inscribed on these monuments.

In addition to the 805 memorial columns there are 805 identical “memory bank modules” that are temporarily located in the landscape around the memorial and will be relocated to the counties across the country where the lynchings took place. This totals 1,610 modules with over 8,000 names.

We interviewed Eric Simonsen, our VP of Project Management, to discuss this project in more detail.

Product & Materials

Soffit/Ceiling Panels: 20ga elZinc Graphite Flatlock Panels
Custom Fabricated Memorials: 11ga A606 Weathering Steel

Design Challenges

Soffit/Ceiling Panels: “The project presented several ‘design’ challenges. We had to modify our standard flatlock panel system in order to meet the aesthetic, structural, and installation challenges. Aesthetically the design intent was for a completely flat surface. The basis of design was an ‘s-lock’ style panel that would have given the surface alignment of the panels they desired, but it would not have met the structural loading requirements. Our standard flatlock panel has a stepped panel surface where the panels overlap and interlock however it’s the interlocking joints that give the system the strength needed to meet the design loads. So we added a step-down profile to the panel so that they would have a flush surface alignment but maintain the strength we needed. The installation of the panel system is also atypical for our flatlock panel system because it’s being installed over an open grid framing system. Without a solid substrate the attachment points for the panels are limited therefore a great deal of coordination between all trades involved was required throughout the shop drawing process.”

Custom Fabricated Memorials:

“The biggest design challenge for the memorial modules was/and is the handling of data. There are a total of 1,610 unique modules – 805 memorial columns and 805 memory bank modules and there are over 8,000 victim’s names inscribed on those modules. The font selection, font layout and spacing, the fabrication process to inscribe the names, the review process to make sure that the names were accurately transferred from the graphic designer to us for fabrication, and the tracking of all this from design to fabrication completion is a daunting task that we’re proud to be a part of.”

Discuss The Development Process

“The development process for the Custom Fabricated A606 Memorials took many rounds of sample submittals to settle on the exact product and process the designers and client wanted. We experimented with different methods of inscribing the text with etching, fully cut text, text with color inlay, text with contrasting backer, and ultimately settled on fully cut text with the shadow of the interior of the module providing the contrast for legibility. We utilized a variety of different fabrication techniques in order to cut the text and give the designers and clients options on font style as well as font sizing all while analyzing the efficiency of production to maintain the project budget. We also submitted a variety of preweathered finish samples using different preweathering methods to achieve the look desired for the opening of the project while still allowing the metal to weather naturally on-site.”

Custom Fabrication Details

“We’re using a fully automated robotic welding cell to produce the modules. The individual components of each module are laser cut on a CNC laser processing center and the components are then welded together to create the modules using the robotic welding cell. The entire process require a delicate balance between skilled fabricator, programmers, and managers coupled with the advanced technology of the automated production process.”


“I personally can say that given the current political and sociocultural climate of our country, I’m proud to be part of a project that is working to heal the wounds of our country’s past and working to unify us as people instead of dividing.”


LEED Architectural Zinc


Grammy Award-winning artist Zac Brown longed of building a treehouse for campers at his passion project – Camp Southern Ground in Fayetteville, Georgia. The camp’s mission is to serve children of all abilities with a special emphasis on those with neurodevelopmental disorders as well as social or emotional challenges.

Since Zac Brown specifically stated that he wants the treehouse outlast his years, elZinc Slate was used. Zinc is a “living” material. When exposed to the elements, zinc naturally develops a thin protective layer referred to as patina. The patina creates resistance to the weathering and corrosion process that many other metals experience. Its life span typically exceeds 100 years and some experts estimate an expected life span of 200+ years.

When sheathed in elZinc metal, the treehouse looks like a futuristic crustacean, hence its name “Space Crab”. The outside was designed to resemble a horseshoe crab while the inside offers a “Knights of the Round Table” feel, complete with a 1,500-pound, hand-crafted table made from parota wood that electronically lowers right out of the ceiling.

Zac perfectly articulated the entire emphasis of the project, saying: “It makes you feel like you’re not anywhere else that you’ve been before, which makes you believe that you can be something that you’ve never been before.”

We could not agree more. This project will continue to serve as an incredible addition to the life-changing Camp Southern Ground for years to come.

Product: Flatlock panels
Material: elZinc Slate
Architect: Jefferson Browne Architects


The Equal Justice Initiative plans to build a national memorial to victims of lynching in Montgomery, Alabama, which is expected to open in 2018. This memorial project relating to America’s history of racial terror and lynching will become the most ambitious in the nation on this topic. MetalTech-USA is excited to be a part of this incredible project.

​Product: Soffit/Ceiling Panels, Custom Fabricated Memorials
Material: Weathering steel, elZinc
Architect: MASS Design Group


Zinc Rainbow Green

Built over 30 years ago, Rubey Park Transit Center in Aspen, Colorado has undergone a recent transformation to modernize it with the incorporation of elZinc architectural zinc material into its design.

The primary goal of the renovation was to maintain the historic and familiar roof arrangement of the original 1980’s transit center. Rubey Park’s retrofit features both the use of zinc replacement roofing as well as the addition of zinc on part of the façade totaling roughly 8,900 square feet of elZinc Rainbow® Green provided by elZinc America.

“There’s an identity about Rubey Park that people have in their minds, so we wanted to build on and enhance that. We’ve tried to retain some of the key elements of the existing building, and update it so that it functions well and so that it’s a safe place to be and that people like coming in and out,” says Gilbert Sanchez, Principal-in-charge and architect with Studio B Architecture who was responsible for the updated design. “Zinc provides an appealing and quality aesthetic appearance for this civic project.”

elZinc architectural grade zinc was chosen as the new roof cladding to help maintain the historic form of the building. The zinc material was fabricated into Double Lock Standing Seam Panels cladding the roof and façade of Rubey Park. Sanchez says the Standing Seams Panels were selected in part for its visual connection to the original roof, durability and low maintenance.


MetalTech-USA, the exclusive distributor for Asturiana de Laminados S.A. brand name elZinc, has recently announced the launch of its new website,, devoted solely to their architectural zinc line elZinc America. This site is dedicated to further expand the brand name and increase product awareness of elZinc in the North and South American market.

​The new bilingual site is intended to inform and showcase elZinc as a sustainable, cladding material, while also providing all the tools and documentation necessary for specification available for download. Also contained in the site is a brief overview of elZinc as an international brand, useful technical and environmental information on the titanium-zinc alloy, and the wide range of aesthetic and technical finishes available.

“With the launching of the elZinc America website, we expect to further expand our sales in architectural zinc, while also offering additional services and resources to our clients,” says Nils Simonsen, President of MetalTech-USA. “We are eager to see what new opportunities arise from the launch of the site.”